WELCOME TO THE SPRK FAMILY!  Are yoy ready to learn all of the EXACT STEPS that I take to Mentor kids to develop Resiliency?  
Here's How You Can Save $400 on the Training.

Welcome to the SPRK Family!  We are so excited that you are interested in becoming a Resiliency Mentor and make a genuine difference!  I am a Resiliency Mentor, and I have actually seen the light in the kid's eyes grow each week as they come to realize their inherent abilities and inner strength.  Because of this, I want to get the SPRK Program out to as many kids as possible, and to do that I need Mentors. People like you who want to make a genuine difference in a child’s life that you care about.  And then if you wish to, to other kids that you know would benefit from the SPRK Program. So I created this online training.

To be a Resiliency Mentor, you don’t need a degree or any special education, you just need this 6-Week online training.  With that said the SPRK Program is not intended to replace any interventions or therapies the child is currently active in.  This program is intended to bolster any interventions or therapies and help the kids make connections faster.  The SPRK Program is written for kids ages 8-14.

The SPRK Program was created Dr. Albert Zylstra and LeNise Zylstra who have both dedicated over 40 years in assisting others in developing resiliency.  Dr. Z was a middle school administrator and LeNise was a school psychologist.  And together with the power of their research and experience, they bring you the SPRK Program!

What makes this program different from any other program?  What makes it different is we use the “Story Method.”  We do this by using an original adventure story written by Dr. Z.  The story is about two kids Ruth and Johnny Daring who take a journey through an ancient valley to get to the laughing cave where they can mine power stones for their friends.  Along the way, they have challenges that they face, and they learn how to overcome them.  I can use symbolism's, metaphors that help them relate the story to their own lives and how they can use the examples in the book to help them with their challenges in their life.  It’s powerful, and It’s effective. 

Would you like to start doing what you were created to do? To inspire, empower, and mentor kids to develop resiliency!

I want to go on the 6-week SPRK Program Mentor Training adventure with you, it will be absolutely life-changing! I can say that with full confidence because the training has already changed my life and the life of the kids I mentor.

Right now I’d like to give you the opportunity to purchase the 6 weeks of the SPRK Mentor/Coach Training at the discount rate of $897. This offer will not be available again! 

That’s a 30% discount off the normal price of $1,297, which is a savings of $400. You’ll never be billed again, and you can take me up on this offer without any risk what-so-ever because you have the next 30 days to make sure the SPRK Program Mentor Training exceeds your expectations. If it doesn’t, I’ll give you a full, no-questions-asked refund. 

There are a limited number of Mentor/Coach training spots available at a time, so our team can give full support to our mentor's. When the spots are gone...they’re GONE! 

If you want to take me up on this offer and if you are ready to start making a genuine difference in kids' lives then click the button below and come on this SPRK adventure with us! 



Step-by-step Training Video Portal

With the step-by-step Training Program, you'll be equipped with the tools, training's, and guidance to successfully Mentor kids to develop resiliency. Learn the exact steps of the SPRK Program!  The SPRK Program is written for ages 8-14.

The Legend of Laughing Cave 
Audio Book

You will have access to the SPRK Mentor Portal where you can listen to The Legend of Laughing Cave Audio Book.  And the 3 Therapeutic exercises: Spiritual Connection, Physical Wellness, and Courage Thinking.

SPRK Program Mentor's Guide

When you complete all 6 weeks of the SPRK Mentor Training, you'll be mailed a SPRK Mentor's Guide that has all of the metaphors, themes, symbols, practical use of the program components, and step -by-step procedure

The SPRK Program Kit

You will receive 1 SPRK Program Kit for FREE! You will also have access the SPRK Mentor Portal where you can order more SPRK Programs as needed. 
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